KISS Costume Boots - Gene Simmons DESTROYER

Price: $399.99
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SMALL size 8-9
MEDIUM size 10-11
LARGE size 12-13


The Gene Simmons Destroyer Boots are a very complex and amazing piece of merchandise. We start with the box, which gives you a hint of the quality item that is inside - An absolutely amazing graphic is placed on this 27" x 14" x 7" container and once inside, we find a pair of boots almost identical in appearance to the ones used on the 1976 Destroyer tour!

The mid-thigh leatherette leggings are attached to the platform boots making it a single piece, (these are not separate pieces as rumored). A zipper runs down the inseam which opens up all the way from the top to the inside sole of the boot which makes it easy to put on and take off. The detail and construction quality of the legging "scales" is exquisite. Scales are constructed with imitation leather or "leatherette" material which has the same tactile feel, look and rigidity of real leather. Each row of scales is expertly sewn into the boot. The interior of the boot is intricately lined with nylon material - construction you find in higher-quality boots, as the photos show, (all photos were taken by us,, of the actual item - these are not prototype or mock-up photos).

The boot shells, or dragon faces, differ from Gene Simmons's actual stage boot shells in that they are made of thick rubber rather than vacu-formed plastic. This is actually good as the plastic shells were more fragile and needed constant repair to the brittle surface just from normal wear. The thick rubber boot shells, as shown in the images above, look strikingly similar to the actual item and are much more durable. The dragon eyes are created out of red and silver plastic rhinestones.

Made of such thick, high-quality materials that they even stand up on their own. Stuff them with newspaper to give shape and they make a STUNNING display piece!

The actual sizes are as follows - SMALL 8-9 is in reality size 9. MEDIUM is size 11 and LARGE is size 13. If your shoe size runs a little small, you can always put cotton or tissue paper in the toe or wear extra socks for a better fit.

From the manufacturer:
Transform into Gene Simmons on the Destroyer Tour with these replica KISS costume boots! Included with these licensed boots are a pair of detailed vinyl boot covers that slide down over the boots and have red and white rhinestone eyes on a metallic silver dragon face. Silver metallic "teeth" embellish the toe have have a black background. The legs of the boots are covered in silver/black metallic scales made of a leather-like material. The foot is covered in a solid black suede-like material with black Velcro around all the edges to securely attach the vinyl boot covers to. The boots zip along the inside and also Velcro over the zipper to create a nearly invisible seam. These boots measure approximately 24" from the top cuff to the top of the foot and have a platform bottom that is almost 6" tall. Be sure to check out all of our Destroyer Tour costumes and accessories!