KISS Cornerstone Uncut Chase Card Sheet #1

Price: $250.00
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An UNBELIEVABLE item, something you thought you would never see. Uncut sheets of the CHASE CARDS from the 1997 Cornerstone Trading cards.

Not to be confused with the regular trading cards, the CHASE CARDS were the rare randomly inserted puzzle cards with foil details. The regular cards were sold retail as uncut sheets, the Chase Cards were not. This sheet is just something someone from the company had stashed away and it took this long for it to finally get into circulation with collectors. 

Sheet has 80 uncut cards including 16 of the extra-rare GOLD FOIL chase cards variation. Consider how much that many cards would cost if they were singles - they would easily go for $4-$6 and the gold cards $8-$10. So, 80 cards would go for between $384 and $544. Not a bad deal for the price being offered considering the fact they are uncut raises the value even higher. 

You would be hard-pressed to find another sheet like this in circulation.

Very nice, clean 9 out of 10 condition.